My German background growing up, playing professional soccer along with four years of schooling for my UEFA coaching license has taught me that the development of a player has to come before the team. You need a good team environment but each player develops and responds differently and that needs to be nurtured in and outside of the team. We teach the European way of playing soccer.

Repetition of the basics builds strong individual players who can then become outstanding teammates. 

Pfingstturnier FC NordostMy coaches and I put training programs in place to prepare the players for the future, not just for the next game.

Since arriving in Calgary in 2001 I have seen good players with raw talent that with the right training can become exceptional but it takes time, hard work and dedication.

My ultimate goal is to develop players to their best possible level that they can reach their goals in soccer. For some of them it can go to the highest level. We want to support the National team program. Very few players from Calgary have made it that far but I believe with our programs we will see more in the future.

The key for a successful ‘career’ as a soccer player is consistency. We have to try to minimize the breaks for a successful player development.

Basic understanding:
Soccer is a game you can enjoy lifelong. With a good skill level und understanding of the game you will enjoy it more.
To learn a new technique in a good quality it needs tons of repetitions. You have to do it again and again and for sure you have to use the technique in games to improve it for the game.
As earlier you can start as more you will improve and a good level of the basics brings you back faster to your former level after a break (holidays, injury, illness).
The best learning age for movements and techniques is between 9 and 12 years of age. In this age we have to teach the basic techniques the players need in soccer. And the kids are ready to learn new things. It is in sports the same understanding like for school. Everything you learn in school over the first years are basics and with all the exercises you do train your brain for more complicated knowledge. If you miss basics you will get problems later.
HPSA will help you on your way!