Program Overview

The programs we offer are designed for the Long Term Player Development(LTPD) and include both ways – to play and enjoy soccer just for fun or to play premiere soccer and try to reach your/ the best level. The idea is to develop skills and push the competitive nature of the players to move up to the next level. The academy training is in addition to team practices, it then gives players repetitive reinforcement both individually and in a team atmosphere.

Our individual skill development programs are for the serious players who desire a higher level of training. These sessions match like skilled players for intensive and small group training with professional coaches.

The programs are offered for the outdoor season. Which programs we will offer for indoor depends on facility availability.

Over the last two and a half years HPSA has proofed the quality of the programs. The former WRC Soccer Club teams which used HPSA academy training showed the difference between other clubs/ teams in their games. These teams were recognized as teams which played a good style of soccer.

Players have to show a good/ their best possible level when they become adults. Then they have to show their level of play.